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Strategic Management in Organisational Behaviour and Development


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Most organisations know their businesses, and the strategies required for success. Each professional group has a unique perspective, rooted in values and strategies, on the ability to achieve change within the environment. Barriers to effectiveness of organisation includes lack of resources, multi-disciplinary collaborative teamwork, congenial organisational climate and culture, management of organisational stress, learning ability, etc.

The topics included in this text have tried to accentuate upon the upcoming People and Culture realities and has a unique feature which distinguishes it in the presentation style from currently available titles.

This book discusses in details:

– Strategic Management
– Management By Objectives
– Human Behaviour in Organisation
– Organisational Development
– Change Management
– Organisational Culture and Climate
– Conflict Management
– Team Building
– Organisational Effectiveness
– Organisational Stress Management
– Learning Organisation
– SWOT Analysis.

Organisations across the globe strive to attain higher volumes and maximize their proceeds. To achieve these goals, it explores new ideas; launch innovative products and solution; scale up their resources; and introduce various strategies. But along with these activities, it is also imperative to prepare their people for the high. Aligning their roles to the objectives of the business, makes them aware of the contributions expected from them, and results in achieving the organisational excellence. This book is especially designed for Strategic Leadership in People and Culture Management in Organisation.

Contents :

1. Strategic Management
2. Management By Objectives
3. Human Behaviour in Organisation
4. Organisational Development
5. Change Management
6. Organisational Culture and Climate
7. Conflict Management
8. Team Building
9. Organisational Effectiveness
10. Organisational Stress Management
11. Learning Organisation
12. SWOT Analysis
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Dr. Sanjay Bhattacharya


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