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Strategic Management (Sem 3, Pune Univ)


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Businesses today are operating in a VUCA world; the environment in which they are operating is very dynamic and complex. In order to survive, organizations need to have a purpose and a vision of what they want to be in future. They need to understand the environment in which they are operating and formulate strategies to exploit the opportunities available in the environment and execute the strategies to achieve their vision and mission. This understanding has to be a part of their learning process itself in schools and colleges. Students of management should be aware of the concepts of strategy and the process of strategic management.

This book on Strategic Management has been written according to the revised syllabus (2019 Pattern) of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. The book covers all the aspects of Strategic Management from strategic intent to strategy execution and evaluation. Five experts have contributed to the book as authors and they have written each chapter. This is a textbook based on the latest syllabus of universities. There were constraints in writing of the book; we wanted less than 250 pages. This was intended to ensure that the students carry the book to the classes. The entire gamut of strategy management models and theories, in so few pages was a tough task. We have restricted ourselves to the syllabus but ensured that, this is the book that covers the entire syllabus. All the latest theories, models and discussion are included in this volume, leaving no gap. Besides we have ensured that this book covers all the learning objectives and course outcome specified by the University. For higher level of learning, one may be required to study original texts.


Contents –

1. Understanding Strategy
2. Analysing Company’s Internal Environment
3. Generic Competitive Strategies
4. Strategy Implementation
5. Blue Ocean Strategy


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Archana Ravindra Salve,

Deepali Sandip Patil,

Madhavi Deshpande,

Mohsin Shaikh,

Varsha Manish Bihade


Himalaya pub