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Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Modern Times


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The ultimate aim of writing this book is to inculcate, motivate and maintain love for teaching and learning of Mathematics for the teacher-trainees and student`s world. This book is written keeping the Syllabus for most of the colleges of Education in India.

If the teachers love Mathematics, naturally, they will success in making the students love Mathematics. And once the students love Mathematics, it will become a very easy subject and they will get mastery in the subject. Ultimately the teachers will be able to justify the subject to a great extent.

To help the teacher-trainees to remember the points well, big big paras have been split up into small ones, as far as possible. To create and maintain interest in Mathematics, a teacher should know many riddles, puzzles and number-games, which been given in ample in the last chapter in the book. The students will enjoy it.

Book Content of Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Modern Times
  1. Mathematics Education − Who Decides?
  2. What is Modern Mathematics?
  3. Euclidean & Non-Euclidean Methods of Study Geometry
  4. Curriculum in Mathematics
  5. Constructing Curriculum in Mathematics
  6. The Curriculum Construction : Problems, Bases, Types
  7. The Place of Mathematics in School Curriculum
  8. Teaching Mathematics
  9. Aims and Objectives of Teaching Math
  10. Planning for Effective Teaching and Learning
  11. Principles of Effective and Meaningful Learning in Math
  12. Means of Effective Instruction
  13. Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching of Mathematics
  14. Methods of Teaching Mathematics
  15. Techniques of Teaching Mathematics
  16. Strategies of Teaching Mathematics
  17. Using Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  18. Communicating Mathematically : Support Technique
  19. Correlation in Teaching of Mathematics
  20. Enrichment & Recreational Programme for Gifted
  21. Backwardness in Math : Diagnostic Testing & Remedial Teaching
  22. Unit Planning and Daily Lesson Planning in Math
  23. Evolution in Math
  24. Micro-Teaching (MT)
  25. Programmed Learning in Mathematics
  26. A Brief History of Mathematics



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