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The New Manager


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In this particular book I shall be attempting to describe the factual and the practical happenings in the professional life of 1st line managers, and such happings I am sure are sufficient self guides for not only the `new First Line Managers` but also for any professional life. Besides this, also mentioned in the book are few excerpts from the popular management books, which would help the firm, and the senior managers, who are in decision making position. Also this book will help the management students, who are pursuing their courses in management studies, on the practical aspect of the first line sales and man management. I would also try to confine myself with less and less headings and management jargons only as an attempt to shun from the book getting more scientific and theoretical rather than of practical use and implications of the facts:

I am offering this book to the new first line managers and to some extent to the new second line managers in the sales institution, which may help the latter to guide train, manage and to control their first line managers. All in this book is based on my applied and practical experiences in the field force management in a few reputed organizations.


Book Content of The New Manager
1. Manager-Why he is required and how should he be?
2. Manager (his Team)
3. Manager (The Becoming)
4. Manager (His Customers and the market)
5. Manager (His Performance in business and competition)
6. Manager (His Control)
7. Manager (Appraisals, Recruitment and Termination)

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