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Zoology (Gondwana Univ)


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We have great pleasure in placing this book “Zoology” for B.Sc. Zoology fifth semester student. this book has been completed exclusively as per the CBCS pattern syllabus and Discipline Specific Elective (DSE0 core subject for B.Sc. III year student of Gondwana University, Gadchiroli.

The present syllabus of fifth semester made per as the UGC Norms. In this syllabus pattern there are Discipline. Specific Electives (CSE) subject are the core papers and skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) along with DSE. Syllabus is framed to improve the quality of the student with all respect. The new framework of syllabus is quite precise and valuable to the students. The main purpose of writing this book is to present the subject matter in a concise and easily understandable form centralizing the basic need of the students. It’s our effort to make available an authentic and syllabus oriented standard study material for the students and teachers. The material presented here is based on author’s experience and lecture notes, prepared from time to time.

This book includes-

Paper – IV : Aquatic Biology

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) (Core paper XIII)

Several necessary and illustrative diagrams have been included in the text which help students to understand and grasp the idea quickly and easily. We arranged the questions bank at the end of each unit which facilitate students while writing the answers.



1.1 Brief introduction of the aquatic biomes
1.2 Freshwater ecosystem (Lakes, Streams and rivers),
1.3 Estuaries
1.4 Intertidal zones,
1.5 Oceanic pelagic zone
1.6 Benthic zone
2.1 Lakes: origin and classification, Ecosystem and Morphometric
2.2 Physico-chemical characteristics: Light temperature, Turbidity, dissolved Solids, Carbonate, Bicarbonates, Phosphates and Nitrates, Dissolved gases (Oxygen, Free carbon dioxide).
2.3 Nutrient Cycles in Lakes-Nitrogen, Sulphur and Phosphorous
2.4 Study of Zooplankton -Rotifers, Cladocera, Copepoda and Ostracoda
3.1 Marine Ecosystem
3.2 Salinity and density of Sea water
3.3 Continental shelf
3.4 Adaptation of deep sea organisms
3.5 Coral reefs and seaweeds
3.6 Nutrient Cycles in sea/ Ocean
4.1 Aquatic pollution- Causes of pollution: Agricultural, Industrial, Sewage
4.2 Eutrophication, Management and Conservation.
4.3 water Pollution Act Of India
4.4 Sewage treatment and water quality assessment : BOD and COD


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