A.P. Remedios

Ex Anthony Philip Remedios is a Chartered Civil Engineering from London University, U.K. He was the first non-white Civil Engineer from the whole of Southern Africa. Since 1971 Er A P Remedios has been conducting Practical Training Classes in ‘Concrete Mix Design’ And ‘Good Construction Practices’ at Construction Sites all over India, with Audio-Visual Presentations and Hand-On Demonstrations. He is often referred to as ‘India’s Concrete Guru’. Over a period of more than 50 year at Construction Sites, abroad and all over this Country, Er A P Remedios has evolved and adopted simple methods for Concrete Mix Design (DMD), using locally available Materials and Appropriate Technology with only Volume-Batching of Aggregates using normal mechanical 10/7 Concrete Mixer. Since the type of practical training he received In U.K., is no longer available in India at Construction Site, he decided to produce this CMD Handbook.