Ashwin Mehta

Dr. Ashwin I. Mehta is M.Sc. from University of Mumbai and Ph.D. from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre at Nuclear Physics Division (BARC) under the guidance of late Dr. N. Satyamurthy and Dr. K. Usha Dennis. His earliest encounter with computers was writing programs in FORTRAN with BESM-6 mainframe machine and later PDP-11. Subsequently, he joined Halliburton and was involved in various technologies of data acquisition, storing and interpretation of oil field data. At Halliburton, he worked at Kuwait, Italy, The United States of America and many other countries across globe. He has several research papers to his credit in national and international journals.  After leaving hectic lifestyle of oil field, he entered Information Technology (IT) academics. Since then, his interest includes programming languages, web technologies, design architecture, Big Data and Python. He has 20+ years of experience that includes corporate training in Halliburton as well as in different academic institutions. He has authored books "Data Warehousing for Beginners", "Web Technologies" and "Advanced Java" published by Shroff Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd. He can be contacted at [email protected] for your suggestions.