Dr. G. Vijayaragavan

Dr. G.Vijayaragavan brings in a real time leadership experience of over 2 decades in the premier Punjab National Bank of the country. Dr. G. Vijayaragavan had the opportunity to have experienced his life as a management leader and a leader of the masses, He demonstrated his ability to reconcile differences among human resources, resolve conflicts and reform personnel of the bank, while heading Human Resources domain of the Regional operations of the bank covering Vidarbha Region. Acknowledging his skills and ability to lead from the front, the Officers of the Bank elected him with massive mandate as Organizing Secretary of the Officers Association in Vidarbha. Dr. G. Vijayaragavan had conducted over 250 Human Resources Training modules as Senior Faculty of the bank which include a training module for General Managers of Bank of Mongolia, at the instance of the Government of India and brings with him matching experience in the field of academics. He is in the in-house panel of many professional institutes of repute in his capacity as Consultant and Advisor on matters of H.R. interests. Dr. G. Vijayargavan, enjoys meeting challenges, loves interactions and is currently Professor and Dean at Pillai`s Institute of Management Studies and Research, New Panvel, an institute which is synonymous with Global reach and academic excellence.