Dr. Gopal Chandra Mahakud

Dr. Gopal Chandra Mahakud : Gopal C. Mahakud is an Assistant professor in Department of Applied Psychology, University of Delhi, South campus, Delhi, India. Before the present status, Dr. Mahakud also served as an assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Keshav College, University of Delhi. He received his Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Delhi in the year 2010. The prime area of Dr. Mahakud are Childhood Mental Disorder and substance uses for which he has worked in 3 projects related to the field of Learning Disabilities, Tobacco Cessation Clinic and Primary Care givers of children with Mental retardation at university of Delhi, India. Dr. Mahakud also worked in Tobacco Cessation Clinic as a Counselor nearly for a period of 1 and half year at Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi. He has worked as a Dy. Director (R&D) in a National level Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working in community development and adolescents’ mental health. Dr. Mahakud has published more than 30 Research article in different areas of Psychology and applied psychology such as, learning disabilities, reading disabilities, stress, depression, anxiety, social networking, criminal psychology, geriatric Psychology, organizational behavior, Management, and Psychophysiology in National and International Journals. His book titled “Dyslexia: An Introduction to Reading Disorder” Published from MacGraw Hill Higher Education Pvt. Ltd, is very popular among the readers worldwide. Recently Dr. Mahakud has also contribution of another book in the area of Applied Psychology. Briefly it can be said that the journey of knowledge acquisition through teaching and research is an unremitting process for Dr. Gopal C. Mahakud.