Dr. P.S. Vivek

Dr. P.S. Vivek, has been a teacher of Sociology for over two decades. He has 27 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate and 20 years of teaching at post-graduate level students in Mumbai. Presently, he occupies the position of Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai. His research interests includes Sociology of Development, Occupational Sociology, Sociology of Cities, Sociology of Urbanization, Sociology of Underprivileged, Sociology of Management, Sociology of Education and Sociology of Spitting. He has been a member of several national and international professional bodies including Asiatic Society of India, Mumbai; Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi; Indian History Congress, Delhi; Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi; and International Sociological Association, Spain; Society for Advancement of Socio-economics, France, among others. He has been the recipient of Indo-Shastri Canadian Institute International Fellowship during the year 2007. He has visited several countries for academic participation and conferences including Indonesia (1983), Nepal (1990), Mauritius (2006), Canada (2007), Bangladesh (2008), Egypt (2009), Germany (2010), Bhutan (2011), Brazil (2012), United Kingdom (2013), South Africa (2013), USA (2013), and UAE (2014). Dr. Vivek has presented 62 research papers in national seminars and 16 research papers in international conferences. He has delivered 33 general lectures throughout India. 29 of his articles have been published in journals and magazines. He was invited to deliver one of the prestigious Annual Public Lecture at the Lucknow University Department of Sociology in 2011. He was invited to conduct special Seminar-cum-Workshop on Body Language: Essence and Implications in Security Studies by Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UAE on January 21-25, 2014. His involvement in number of NGOs and grass root organizations has kept him involved in academically sound and socially relevant research projects.