Dr. R.A. Kini

Dr. Radhakrishna A. Kini is well reputed banker, having banking experience of 41 years in Punjab National Bank. During his service period, he has qualified B.Com, LL.M., and C.A.I.I.B. and secured Second Rank in LL.M. exam of Bombay University in 1972. After his retirement, he has registered for Ph.D. in Law with RTM Nagpur University on the subject "FINANCIAL FRAUD IN BANKING SECTOR AND IT`S CONSEQUENTIAL IMPACT ON BANKING SYSTEM." (A Critical and Analytical Study of Bank Frauds with Relevant existing Rules and Regulations of Law.) and he has been awarded "Doctorate" in 2009. During his service, as a Regional Manager, Kanpur, he detected a large number of frauds involving crores of rupees particularly in Kanpur City and Eastern UP Districts and recovered substantial amount most of the frauds committed by the branch managers / officers who were intimate link with the senior Executives like General Managers and Directors of the Bank. According to him, eradication of Frauds / corruption should begin from the top and the abuse of administrative discretion is root cause of the corruption. The author has every confidence that with the use of this book, number of bank frauds / scams would be avoided by following laid down systems, exercising judicious use of discretionary powers and control over advances, investments and impersonal accounts, etc.