Dr. Robita Sorokhaibam

Dr. Robita Sorokhaibam born in 1968 obtained her doctoral degree in Commerce from Manipur University. At present, she is an Associate Professor in Commerce Department, Manipur University and teaches Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Strategic Management. Her area of interest is "Women Development". Currently, she is working on a Major Research Project entitled "Problems, Prospects and Opportunities of women Entrepreneurs in Manipur" sponsored by U.G.C. Dr. Robita is a prolific writer. She has written a good number of articles in various journals. She has also attended numerous seminars, workshops and conferences and also a member of various academic bodies. She has also organized an "EDP Programme" in Manipur University for generation of self-employment. She is also nominated as a member of an "Expert Committee" of State`s Women Commission, Manipur.