Mohini C. Dias

Mohini Dias is presently the head of Department of History at Jai Hind College, Mumbai, a position, she has held since 1994. An academic of substance, she has published a couple of text books for Mumbai University courses. Her teaching experience range from European History to all aspects of Indian History, including Archeology and Numismatics. Throughout a student of Mumbai University, she has done her M.Phil on records of the English East India Company at Surat from 1670-75. She has participated several National and International Seminars and Conferences, one of them being the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women at Rochester N.Y in 1999. She did a teaching assignment at Union College Schenectady, New York, in 1999, where she taught courses on the Indian Freedom Movement, China and Japan. She was the Convener of the seminar held in January 2007 at Jai Hind College, on the Revolt of 1857, on which this book is based. Dias has held several administrative and non-administrative positions both in the college as well as in the University of Mumbai. She is presently the Co-ordinator of the BMM course. She is presently Chairperson of the Board of Studies of History, and Member of the Joint Inter-Disciplinary Ad-Hoc Committee in Master of Arts, and courses in Numismatics and Archeology. At the college, she has headed several associations connected with extracurricular and co-curricular activities and is presently the co-ordinator of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell Under the aegis of INAAC.