Parvathi Vasudevan

Parvathi Vasudevan is currently Reader at the Centre for African Studies, University of Bombay, India. The Political Economy of Africa`s Adjustment is an extension of the work done as a Research Associate of the University Grants Commission, Government of India (1992-96). It was her academic endeavours in the U.S. (1984-90) that enabled her to peruse the literature on international economic issues and write on diverse themes such as the GATT negotiations and the Dunkel Draft, Privatization, the Antarctica Treaty System and the developments in the erstwhile Soviet Union. Parvathi Vasudevan was a recipient also of a Post-doctoral Fellowship from the Indian Council for Social Sciences Research, Government of India, 1982-84 which facilitated her to write on the `Politics of Oil and its Impact on India`s Foreign Affairs`. Parvathi Vasudevan`s doctoral work on `Non-alignment as a factor in Indo-American Relations: The Nehru Era` has been published and has been well received in India and abroad.