Prof. Jyotindra Zaveri

Prof. Zaveri Jyotindra, Computer Engineer (Germany), I.T. professional since 1975. Independent faculty and Management Consultant. Visiting faculty in leading management institutes and colleges, for teaching management subjects: Information Technology, e-Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Platforms, ERP, MIS, e-Business, e-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Change Management (B.P.R.), Sales & Distribution Systems, and Automation of Manufacturing Business Process, Data mining and Web Mining. Providing professionals consultancy for above subjects. Sought after speaker for seminars and management training programs. Mr. Zaveri works with business users to determine and translate business requirements into Internet Technology solutions. He specializes in creating "Management Media Marketing" campaign. Expert on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Wordpress blogs, Facebook and other networking sites. Mr. Zaveri is the architect who designed the ERP software called Digital Nervous System or "DNS", in 2002. Now used by hundreds of users. DNS ERP software package is intellectual property of Mr. Zaveri. This is an Integrated Business Management Package. He has also designed ERP for Doctors, ERP for Institute management. Formerly with IBM, trained in Germany (1977). Knowledge of Networking and fundamentals of computer system architecture - a unique combination of expertise in computer hardware, software, and Internet technologies. Over thirty-five years of experience in software development, implementation, and I.T. training. See year-by-year record of accomplishment since 1975. Publications: Prof. Zaveri is author of following books: (1) Book on ERP, (2) Book on Internet Programming and Cyber Law, (3)Book on MIS, (4) Book on Business Applications and (5) Book on Web Technologies. For professional networking,