Ramaraju Thirumalai

The author Rama Raju Thirumalai had four decades of association with conceptualisation, planning, designing and implementation of massive projects of irrigation, housing, hospitals and advanced scientific research laboratories. He was associated with implementing part of Low Level Canal of Thungabhadra project and construction of Panchat hill Dam of Damodar Valley Corporation. Later he was associated with planning and construction of many prestigious Technological Institutes, Verticle Pelletron Accelerator Complex at TIFR, Mumbai., Giant Meter Wave Telescope Complex at Pune, TIFR laboratories at Mumbai and Bangalore, Laboratories for Atomic Minerals Division of The department of Atomic Energy at Hyderabad, Shillong and Bangalore and Homi Bhaba Auditorium which at TIFR was one of the most modern facilities of those times.    He was Chief Engineer in the Department of Atomic Energy, he had an opportunity to implement massive housing projects at Anushaktinagar Mumbai, Shillong, Culcutta and Bangalore. On retirement, the author was a Project Consultant to Tata Memorial Centre, assisting them in implementing various hospitals, research and educational facilities, and a very modern Quditorium.    Thereafter as a Technical Advisor to Artson Engineering Ltd. he had added value to the company’s business development effort by leading their foray into the LPG gas sector. At present he is a Technical Advisor to Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd. and actively involved in bringing out their “technical publications”.    He has presented papers in national and international seminars on technical and educational subjects. He has travelled widely in India and abroad. He received his Engineering degree from the University of Mysore, India, M.S. degree from North Western University, Illinois, USA and Diploma from Bajaj Institute of Management, University of Mumbai, India.