Sanjana Mishra

Ms. Sanjana Mishra is the Postgraduate from English Pedagogy currently work as an I/C Principal, Rahul College of Education, Her prolific literary contributions extend beyond the confines of academia, boasting more than 12 National and 7 International Publications of research papers. Continuously augmenting the writing prowess has been pivotal in propelling her career trajectory within the realm of Teacher Education and having a experience spanning over 14 years in the noble realm of Education, She have been duly recognized with accolades such as the prestigious “Best College Award” by the esteemed Star Education Award Icon and the esteemed “Best Educationist Award” by the venerable Indian Icon of the Year 2024. She epitomizes an unyielding dedication to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the noble pursuit of education and literature. With “Pedagogy of English,”.