T. A. S. Balagopal

T. A. S. Balagopal is widely known and respected for his extensive work in export management over the last decades. He has achieved outstanding results by applying the principles of modern management and professional skills to the export field, and is a crusader in inducting professional management into the export trade.    He was Chairman of the Engineering Export Promotional Council of India, member of the Advisory Council of Trade, and also served on various other policy making bodies. He pioneered various schemes to help the exporting community. He is a dedicated exponent of the Indian Export Trade and its importance to the economy of the country.   A graduate Science and Engineering, Balagopal has over thirty years of experience in the field of export marketing, and management. He was the Export Director of TATA MOTORS, Mumbai; an organization which is foremost in the export filed and has consistently won the Outstanding Exports` Award and other National Awards for many years.