Varagur S. Muralidharan

Prof. Dr. Varagur Swaminathan Muralidharan obtained his M.Sc. degree (Physical Chemistry) from Banaras Hindu University with first class in 1973 and Ph.D. from the same university in 1978. He has authored more than 300 research papers and presented 150 papers in various international conferences. He has guided 18 students for their Ph.D. degrees. He is the first recipient of Raman Research Fellowship of Government of India, J.K. Mittal Award from Indian Society of Surface Science and Technology, Calcutta and N.M. Sampat Award from Electrochemical Society of India. He served CSIR (India) for 40 years, two years as AICTE Emeritus fellow in Anna University and four years as CSIR Emeritus scientist in Alagappa University. He is now Visiting fellow in Alagappa University. He resides in USA and offers consultancy in materials for energy storage.