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40 Management Lessons From Corporate World


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This book is designed for today`s executives / Managers, technical personnel and management professionals to obtain essential information to stay competitive in a fast changing world. Cutting across the spectrum of management functions, leading issues are covered in the book. The contents will facilitate gaining insights into challenging and complex managerial trends. The book will be useful especially to the students of management, in addition to the managerial personal.


Contents :

I. Behavioural Dynamics
1. Assertive Behaviour
2. The SQ Factor
3. Burnout: Reducing its Occurrence
4. Conflicts: Types, Causes and Resolution Strategies
5. Evolutionary Psychology: A New Science and it`s Massage for Managers
6. Power of Communication
7. Reviewing Trend of Managerial Problems and Coping
II. Productivity and HRM Perspectives
8. Absenteeism: An Area of concern
9. Recruitment and Performance Management
10. Trends in e-recruitment
11. Employee Involvement and Engagement: Service Sector
12. Dimensions of Productivity Improvement
13. Career Planning as a Mechanism of HRD
14. Organisational Climate of Banks in India
15. Six Dangerous Myths about Compensation
16. Manpower Planning and Job Description – An Outline
III. Leadership and Performance Management
17. Leadership Challenges in the New Millennium
18. Leadership Challenges and Approaches
19. Role and Profit of Independent Directors
20. Project Planning and Management
21. Understanding Corporate Clients in Insurance Sector
22. Developing Work Cultures for High Performance Organizations
23. Creativity in Organisations
24. Systematic Approach to Training
25. Leadership Empowerment Readiness in Manufacturing and Service Organisations
26. Organisational Effectiveness: Constituent Factors
IV. Emerging Concerns
27. Human Intelligence Vs. Artificial Intelligence
28. Changing Phases of Management in the Current Global Environment
29. Entrepreneurship Management
30. Anchor Effectiveness: An Exploration of Factors
31. Organisational Culture in Action
32. Customer Retention
33. E-Human Resource Management
34. Value Based Strategies and Planning for Global Organizations
V. Strategic Horizons
35. Kaizen: Towards Continuous Improvement
36. Knowledge Management for the Modern manager
37. Why do HR Concepts Fail in practice?
38. Changing Role of C.I.O.
39. Role Efficacy of Executives
40. Death Anxiety among Retired Non-Working Senior Citizens


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Dr. H.L. Kaila,

Dr. S. Ravishankar,

Dr.Upinder Dhar,

Shri. J.K.M. Nair


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