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A Practical Handbook Performance @ Results


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Given the importance of HRM function in organizations, it is unfortunate that we do not have many good texts in the market on this subject. There is a lack of understanding the Indian business context and how it shapes the HRM function. The present book is very appropriate as it discusses Performance Management, one of the most important HRM function, keeping the current Indian and business contexts in mind. The books present a detailed discussion of Performance Management practice and will serve a useful guide to both academicians as well as practitioners. The book chapters are very well thought-out and well crafted.



1. Performance Management
2. Management by Objectives(MBO)
3. Organizational Goals and Target Setting- KPIs
4. The Appraisal Dialogue Getting the Best of Performance
5. Radical Appraisal Approach
6. Bell curve and Forced Distribution Method
7. 360-Degree Performance Appraisal Method
8. A Sample Appraisal Form
9. Feedback and its Importance in Appraisals
10. Different Applications of Performance Appraisal
11. Common Evaluation Errors
12. Competency Mapping
13. Personal SWOT Analysis
14. Pain Points and Deterrent Factors
15. Performance against all Odds
16. Need of Employee Engagement to Optimize Performance
17. Motivation and Morale on Performance
18. Online Performance Appraisal System
19. Managers as Internal Damagers of People Performance
20. Just a Minute …dear Boss
21. Some Best Practices in Performance Management
22. Employee Connect and Human Interface
23. Competency Development and Performance Inprovement Plans
24. Performance Analysis
25. Mentoring Process and Framework
26. Coaching Process and Framework
27. Coaching Process and Framework
28. Meritocracy and Performance Cultlure
29. Are We Not Responsible for Distorted Performance?
30. PMS and Balanced Scorecard(BSC)
31. PMS and Organization Development(OD)
32. Appreciative Inquiry(AI)
33. Performance Management – A Myth or Reality
34. Complacency and Frustration – Its Effect on Performance
35. Performance Appraisal for R&D Professionals
36. HR Acronyms and Abbreviations
37. Competency Dictionary


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Bhagirath V. Shanbhag,

Rajasekhar Kandepu


Himalaya pub