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A Study in Business Ethics


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This innovative new book, covering comprehensively, the entire syllabus of Business Ethics of most Institutes and Universities, aims to familiarize students about the concepts, principles, practices and philosophies of Business Ethics. Though Case Studies, Real Market Incidents, Examples and Discussion Situations from Western countries have been incorporated into the book, however, the book is predominantly set in Indian ethos and is based on the Indian ethical value system. The chapter on `Concept of Ethics in Work life according to the Bhagvad Gita` (Chapter II) may be of special interest. Summary of the Chapters reinforce the major ideas in each chapter, and the expected Questions are meant to provide learning feedback to students as well as to apply their thoughts independently and analytically.

Though this book is opportunity is preliminary meant as a Text book for MBA and PGDM courses, nonetheless, it will provide an interesting and illuminating study to executives and all those interested in Indian ethos and ethical way of doing business.


Contents :

Chapter I: An Overview of Business Ethics
Chapter II: Worklife in Indian Philosophy
Chapter III: Attitudes, Beliefs and Life Positions
Chapter IV: PART I − Overview of the Ethical Value System
PART II − Culture & Ethics
Chapter V: Role of Legislation & other Bodies in enforcing ethical business behavior
Chapter VI: Relationship between Ethics & Corporate Excellence
Chapter VII: Ethics & Individual Behaviour
Chapter VIII: Gandhian Philosophy of Wealth Management
Chapter IX: Social and Economic Responsibilities of Business


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Dr. (Mrs.) Rituparna Raj


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