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A text book of Botany – Vol-I


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This book aims at providing a general view of plant science at an elementary level. Some aspects have been discussed in detail with the new interrelationship among the different aspects of modern view. A discussion on the impact in human civilization particularly distribution in different part of the world with the formation of new vegetation, aspects of pollution, role in disease causing organism concludes the presentation.

In present decade different universities felt for the introduction of age old topics of the plant world which was completely erased from the mind of students having developed computer knowledge. Apart form computer knowledge the country should a vacuum in administrative and civilization processes including vegetational science, so the basic knowledge of plant science came to existence and this book is meant to discuss the aspect of plant science.

New illustration provide the curiosity of plant world which was necessary to understand the Indian forest world with some of its harmful and beneficial forms. The scarcity of crops with application of synthetic fertilizer made human civilization at their last way of life. This can be overcome by normal life forms. This book has the idea how to live in normal way. Thus this book is useful for students of different levels

Book Content of A text book of Botany – Vol-I
1. Microbiology
2. Bacteria
3. Cryptogams
5. The Phycomycetae
6. The Ascomycetae
7. The Basidiomycetae
8. The Deuteromycetae
9. The Lichens
10. Bryophyta
11. Anthoceropsida
12. Bryopsida
13. The Bryophyta − A Historical Review
14. Introducing the Pteridophyta
15. Psilotopsida
16. Lycopsida
17. Selanginella
18. Sphenopsida
19. Pteropsida
20. Ophioglossum
21. The Leptosporangiatae
22. Marsilea
23. The Pteridophyta − A Historical Review
24. Fossil Pteridophytes
25. Introducing the Gymnosperms
26. Pteridospermales
27. Cycadeoidales
28. Cycadales
29. Cordaitales
30. Coniferales


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