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A Text Book of Vector Algebra and Calculus


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This book presents a complete account of the fundamental concepts of the fundamental concepts of the vectors. The subject matter of the book has been presented in simple language and lucid style so that a student of an average mathematical skill may independently find the subject accessible for ownself. The treatment of the subject is systematic, logical and interesting. A large number of important problems have been fully worked out. They will enable the students to understand the basic principles of the subject. This book provides with easy exercises which are straight deduction from the theory and which throw light on the various important points in the theory, exercises of moderate difficulty for the average students and more difficult exercises to test the ingenuity of the brightest students. The book is equally useful for engineering students and those appearing in various competitive examinations.



1. Definitions, Addition of Vectors, Multiplication of Vectors by Scalars
2. Centroid
3. Vector Equations of a Line and a Plane : Application in Geometry and Mechanics
4. Scalar Product of Two Vectors
5. Vector Product of Two Vectors
6. Multiple Products
7. Further Application of Vectors to Geometry and Mechanics
8. Differentiation of Vectors
9. Integration Operators
10. Differential Operators
11. Line Integrals, Gauss’s and Stoke’s Theorems


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