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A Textbook of Macro Economics


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The book will also have utility to the students of B.A.., B.Com., M.A., M.Com., M.B.A., D.B.M., I.A.S.,etc., courses at the Indian Universities.

Macroeconomics is a distinctive subject of economics studies. It examines, explores and analyses aggregate economics behaviour of households, firms and government.

Book Content of A Textbook of Macro Economics

 Section – I

Module I : Introduction

  1. Macroeconomics: An Introductory
  2. National Income: Meaning and Measurement

Module II Determination of Employment :

  1. The Say`s Law
  2. The Keynesian Theory o0f Effective Demand
  3. The Consumption Function
  4. Investment Multiplier
  5. The Investment Function
  6. Saving and Investment
  7. Inflation

Module III : Money

  1. Meaning and Functions of Money
  2. The Money Supply
  3. The Demand for Money
  4. Value of Money

Section – II

  1. Commercial Banking
  2. Commercial Banking Development in India
  3. Central Banking
  4. Objective and Instruments of Monetary Policy
  5. A Review of the Monetary Policy of the Reserve Bank of India
  6. Financial Markets: Money and Capital Markets
  7. Capital Market
  8. Nature and Scope of Public Finance
  9. Sources of Public Revenue
  10. Canons of Taxation
  11. Direct and Indirect Taxes
  12. Public Expenditure
  13. Public Debt
  14. Fiscal Deficits
  15. Federal Finance
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