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Accounting for Managers


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It is our pleasure to present to the readers and students the book entitled as an “Accounting for Managers” especially for the First Semester MBA students of Bangalore University. The book discusses the postulates, practices, conceptual basis for accounts, income statement, financial statements, measuring and reporting assets, liabilities and equity, depreciation methods, financial statement analysis, analyzing financial statements using ratio analysis and du-point model, cash flow statement, orientation of cost accounting, marginal costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgetary control and contemporary issues in accounting.

The book aims to provide necessary information in a clear, concise and logical manner. The book is divided into eight modules as per the requirements of the BU Syllabus. Each module ends with a set of theoretical and practical exercises so that the readers can reinforce their understanding of the chapters and prepare themselves effectively for examinations. Each and every module is explained with structure and illustrations. There are many worked out problems which are adapted from previous year question papers of differents Universities. Review questions and practical problems at the end of each chapter and carefully selected the view of examination and practice of assignments.


Contents –

1. Conceptual Basis for Accounts
2. Orientation to Financial Statements
3. Measuring and Reporting Assets, Liaand Equity
4. Analyzing & Interpreting Financial Statements
5. Orientation to Cost Accounting
6. Contemporary Issues in Accounting
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Dr. Venkataraman R.,

R.G. Saha,

Srinivas K.T.


Himalaya pub