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Advanced Cost Management Accounting


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This book entitled as a “Advanced Cost and Management Accounting” especially written for students of UG courses. The book aims to provide necessary, ingredient for the students which has been divided into Five unit. Each and every unit has been explained with examples and illustrations.

The main principles and techniques of the subject have been discussed in a very simple language and special emphasis. Each unit ends with a set of theoretical and practical Problems exercises so that the readers can reinforce their understanding of the unit and prepare themselves thoroughly for examinations.

We are sure this book will prove to be useful to students and teachers alike. This book would not have seen the light, but for the support of our family members and friends.

The book would not have seen the light, but for the grace of God and the blessings and support of our family members and friends.


Contents :

Unit – 1

Unit – 1A : Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
Unit – 1B : Cost Concept
Unit – 1C : Cost Sheet
Unit – 1D : Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounting
Unit – 2
Unit – 2A : Material Costing
Unit – 2B : Labour Costing
Unit – 3C : Overheads Costing
Unit – 3
Unit – 3A : Unit, Job & Batch Costing
Unit – 3B : Contract Costing
Unit – 3C : Operating Costing
Unit 3D : Process Costing
Unit – 4

Unit – 4A : Standard Costing
Unit – 4B : Marginal Costing
UNIT 5 Budgetory Control


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Dr. Sanjay Chhabra,

Dulal Mazumdar,

S.K. Pandey


Himalaya pub