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Advanced Strategic Management and Business Policies for Managers


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The book entitled “Advanced Strategic Management and Business Policies for Managers” is a record of an indepth study into the advanced concepts of today’s managerial strategies to provide a basic conceptual subject matter that includes industry analysis and deeper insights into the process of strategic planning in an organisational context.

The concept of the advanced strategies for management is widely preferred by every organisation as a significant tool to have a distinct competitive edge over its-competitors not only to penetrate new global markets but to have a very strong sustainable-advantage to delight its existing customers.

Considering the “competition” as the heart of formulating business strategies of the book intents to give the reader with new insights which will make them practically understand the kaleidoscopic nature of business in its own angle with the help of various essential concepts of strategically managing a business with the help of a well defined business policies.

This book is equipped with opening and closing cases as core technical capabilities of the book to create a deep sense of understanding the catastrophic effects of business uncertainties in contemporary market scenario.

With a view to keep the reader informed about-the core context of each concept, in the beginning of each chapter learning objectives are provided and at the end a list- of websites and books for references are provided.

In addition, to keep the readers in touch with the author, the correspondence of the author is also given in the beginning of the book.

So, with the advancement of business through technology and information the time to plan strategically is drastically reducing where each and every one of us try to build, innovate burning techniques to have a taste of success. To help the reader in this context, the present book becomes a useful material to all categories of people who are keen to have that taste of success in business forever.


Contents :

Part – I Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Levels of Strategy
Part – II Strategy Formulation
3. Developing Strategic Vision and Mission
Part – III Analyzing A Company’s External Environment
4. External Environment
5. Industry Analysis
Part – IV Analyzing Competitive Position
6. Analyzing Companies Resources and Competitive Position
7. Contract Costing
8. Value Chain Analysis
Part – V Generic Competitive Strategies
9. Merger Acquisition and Takeover Strategy
10. International Business Level Strategies
Part – VI Formulating Long-Term and Grand Strategies
11. Balanced Score Card
12. Competitive Advantages
13. Tailoring Strategy Analysis
14. Vertical Integration, Diversification and Strategic Alliances
15. Uniform Costing and Intra-Firm Comparison
Part – VII Strategy Implementation
16. Organisational Leadership
17. Developing Functional Strategies
18. Institutionalization and Structure
Part – VIII Strategic Control Guiding and Evaluating Strategies
19. Strategic Evaluation
20. Strategic Control


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