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Advertising and Media Management (Bangalore Univ)


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When one starts a business, he should make people aware of his business. Promotion is important for any type of business to let other know about the business. Any type of business, whether it is run online or offline requires customers so that it can experience a good business turnaround. However, the only means of reaching customers is advertising. This is why advertising is important for a business. Once a business advertises about its products and services, it is able to run in a competitive environment.

Advertising is important for every aspect of a business. It plays an imperative role for both manufacturers and consumers. Advertising is important for the business on the whole as it lets the business gain more customers, thereby increasing business turnaround.

Advertising can be achieved using various media like television, newspapers, radio, banners, pamphlets, websites etc. Each advertising media has its own pros and cons and one must evaluate all of them before selecting a particular media. The main thing that needs to be considered is that the advertising medium selected must be able to reach a large number of customers.

This title is written for beginners to understand the concepts of advertising and media management. As a subject of study in core area of degree level, most of the universities offering business education have introduced Advertising and Media Management as one of the essential subjects of study for the reasons cited above. In this context, this title is prepared to give a broad outline of advertising and media management covering mainly the syllabus content at degree level. The process involved in developing advertisement and media planning is explained in a sequential order commencing from understanding advertising objective to evaluation. At the end of each chapter graded questions are given for self study.


Contents –

1. Introduction & Basic Concepts
2. Advertising and Campaign Planning
3. Creative Strategy & Advertising Budget
4. Advertising Media Strategy
5. Advertising Effectiveness & Organising Advertising Functions
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