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Advertising Theory and Practice


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Since advertising has advanced in India by leaps and bounds, touching an annual billing of 22,000 crore, many more institutes have introduced the paper at either undergraduate, post-graduate or diploma levels. This book has successfully served the needs of these students and has imparted the elementary knowledge of advertising theory and practice, paving way for more advanced knowledge later on.

Many changes in the operating environment required revision of the text, and the authors have revised several chapters substantially, especially the media chapters and ad agencies chapter. It was also felt necessary to introduce a new chapter on brands and advertising to take cognisance of advertising as a tool to build brands. In the beginning, a new chapter on evolution of advertising has been added. The finished ad is produced at the agency level, and then sent to media. A chapter on production aspects has been newly introduced.

The entire chapter of case studies has been newly added, removing the previously given outdated material.


Contents :

1. Advertising as a Tool of Communication
2. Evolution of Advertising
3. Role of Advertising in the Marketing Mix
4. Brands and Advertising
5. Kinds of Advertising
6. Advertising as a Career
7. Economic Aspects of Advertising
8. Social Aspects of Advertising
9. Role of Research
10. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Theme Identification
11. Advertising Budget
12. Advertising Research
13. Media Research
14. Product Research
15. Media for Advertising
16. Types of Media
17. Campaign Planning, Creativity and Psychology in Advertising
18. Construction of an Effective Advertising Part – I
19. Construction of an Effective Advertising Part – II
20. Production of Ads
21. Advertising Agency
22. Case Studies


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