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Ambedkar And Gandhi


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The effort of Ambedkar and Gandhi led to the legal abolition of Untouchability, Constitutional support and guarantees to ameliorate the lot of the ex-Untouchables-the Schoeduled Castes, and subsequent legislative and executive action for their upliftment.

The primary sources of information for this study have been the writings, correspondence and speeches of Ambedkar and Gandhi, archival material and the private collections of associates of Ambedkar and Gandhi. These have been supplemented by personal interviews with associates of Ambedkar and Gandhi.

I am grateful to the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, Elphinstone College, Bombay and the University of Bombay for enabling me to undertake the study under the U.G.C. Teachers Fellowship Scheme.

Book Content of Ambedkar And Gandhi
Chapter I Caste And Untouchability
Chapter II Gandhi And The Untouchables
Chapter III Ambedkar And Untouchability
Chapter IV The Historic Clash of 1931
Chapter V The Communal Award And The
Poona Pact of 1932
Chapter VI Joint Versus Separate
Chapter VII Ambedkar And Gandhi The
Scheduled Castes 1937-1947
Chapter VIII Ambedkar, Gandhi As
Emancipators of Untouchables

Appendix I Untouchability And Unreason
Appendix II Minorities Pact
Appendix III Extrract of The Questionnaire
Pertaining To The Depressed
Appendix IV Gandhi`s Letter To
Sir Ramsay Macdonald
Appendix V Letter From Sir Ramsay
Macdonald To Gandhi
Appendix VI Poona Pact
Appendix VII List of Temples
Appendix VIII Ambedkar`s Questionnaire To
The Members Of The Congress
Working Committee.




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