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Assessment for Learning (Sem 2, Mumbai Univ)


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Assessment for Learning is much-required subject in all teacher education courses. Its importance as a subject cannot be overemphasized for, with it, the teacher becomes empowered to assess the student’s performance and assist them in their learning process.

The subject matter has been put in the simplest possible way in this book, in order to ensure that our would be teachers will get correct concepts and practices in Assessment of Learning.

This book covers all of the traditional area of testing and evaluation viz., test construction, reliability, validity, quantitative and qualitative tools of assessment, theoretical background of statistics used in education. This book also covers recent development in the area of assessment learning viz., online examination, open book examination and many more. Explanatory introduction to aims and objectives, and Criteria for writing statements of objectives with special reference to domains given by Anderson and Krathwohl, Krathwohl and Dr. R.H. Dave is also included in this book.

There cannot be a little doubt that this subject “Assessment for Learning” is here to stay. It has not only entered the academic bloodstream, but also has become a tool of government policies for education and decision-making. It is these twin facts that make this book a primer for all concerned with education.


Contents –

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Assessment
Unit I – Concept of Assessment
Unit II – Essentials of Assessment
Unit III – Trends and Issues of Assessment
Module 2 – Instruments of Assessment and Reporting of Result
Unit IV – Instruments of Assessment
Unit V – Differentiated Assessment Strategies
Unit VI – Feedback, Mechanism and Reporting


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Dr. Ratani Thakur,

Harjot Kaur Dhatt


Himalaya pub