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Ayurveda – An Effective Solution


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“Ayurveda − An Effective Solution” is meant for everyone interested to know of Ayurveda − an oldest healing system of the world. The author has remarkably introduced Ayurveda in a simple and comprehensive language. In recent years, there is an increasing trend in the world to know more and more about Ayurveda, as a result overwhelming demand of Ayurveda is generated at global level. This book covers principles of Ayurveda, its historical background, disease development, concept of Tridosha, Dhatu and Mala and their role in maintaining our health. The book also deals with different methods of pancha karma procedures, i.e., Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasyam and Raktamoksha; it also cover majority of Keralite Panchakarma procedures like Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Shirobasti, Pizhichil, Shiropichu, Thalapothichil etc., with their procedure, indications, contra-indications to remove toxins of the body and restoring the balance to the doshas. The author has wonderfully described importance of ayurvedic diet, and their effect on our health. This book also includes detailed accounts of Indian herbs and Rasayana therapy in promoting longevity and rejuvenation and information of major lifestyle diseases and their current scenario in the world and our country. Separate chapters on Ayurvedic lifestyle and important useful Ayurvedic products are also included. This book is specially written for the common man and provides useful insight about Ayurveda and its role in maintaining sound health. At the end, knowing one`s prakruti, list of Panchakarma treatment centres and Panchakarma equipment manufacturers in India are specially given for the benefits of readers. The book does not require reader, to possess any prior knowledge of Ayurveda. The purpose of this book is to provide the readers sufficient knowledge to use the information and techniques of Ayurveda to improve his or her own life. It will be a ready reckoner for all foreign tourists who visit India for massage and rejuvenation.

Part I Ayurveda − The Science of Life
1. Principles of Ayurveda, origin of Indian healing system, Ayurveda and health, Panchamahabhuthas− the five elements theory, The science of tridosha.
Part II Dosha, Dhatu and Mala − Three Components of the Body
2. Vata Dosha
3. Pitta Dosha
4. Kapha Dosha
5. Sapta Dhatu
6. Mala
Part III Prakruti – Your Unique Constitution
7. Prakruti
8. Srotras
Part IV Purvakarma – Preparation for Panchakarma
9. Purvakarma
10. Abhyangam
11. Udwathanam
12. Patra Pinda Swedan
13. Nadi Swedan
14. Navarakizhi
15. Thalapothichil
16. Shirodhra
17. Pizhichil
18. Pichu
Part V Pradhankarma –Detoxification Methods
19. Panchakarma
20. Vaman
21. Virechan
22. Basti
23. Shirobasti
24. Nasyam
25. Raktamoksha
Part VI Ayurvedic Approach to Health
26. Ayurvedic Diet. Types of diet, properties of food, food habit, six tastes, twenty attributes, healthy tips, incompatible food.
27. Ayurvedic Herbs. Types of herbs, healing actions, properties, energy, prabhava, groups of herbs and their therapeutic action, use of Bhasma etc.
28. Rasayana Therapy for longevity and rejuvenation Definition, classification, benefits, eligibility; rasayana for different systems; doshas, organs, prakruti; examples, i.e., amla, long pepper, brahmi, triphala, ashwagandha etc.
29. Ayurvedic Lifestyle. Relation of health with lifestyle; daily Ayurvedic routine, satvic living, anxiety and health; stress free life; pran, tejas and ojas.
30. Some useful ayurvedic products
31. Benefits and limitations of Ayurveda
32. To day’s lifestyle – an invitation to diseases
A. Know your Prakruti
B. List of Panchakarma Treatments Centers
C. List of Panchakarma Equipment Manufacturers
Glossary of Ayurveda
Glossary of Ayurvedic Herbs


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