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The present title, with a skillful mix of breadth combined with detail, reviews what is known about Ecology. This carefully organized clearly written text book emphasizes the inter-relationship between the various living organisms and the contrasting environments in which they live. This text is a painstaking effort in the eminent scientists and experts of different fields providing as insight into the new and old basic concepts of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem particularly the meaning of ecosystem evolution and on the various aspects of environmental science related to conservation of aquatic environment and its resource.

The title is not intended to be comprehensive, nor could it be at this length, but it concentrates on putting across the basic principles of the subject as briefly and lucidly as possible. It does this with the aid of carefully selected examples, some recent and other classic or the field, and with numerous illustrations. The aim is to enthuse the readers with this active and exciting area of research and to lay a solid foundation on which future study of its various facts may be based.

The book is intelligible to the educated layman, though it deals with some complex ideas. It is an adequate text for all the requirements of students in this area.


Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Environmental Factors
3. Light
4. Water
5. Soil
6. Biotic Relationships
7. Ecosystem
8. Aquatic Ecosystems
9. Terrestrial Ecosystems
10. Energy Flow In Ecosystems
11. Biogeochemical Cycles
12. Population Ecology
13. Pollution
14. Noise Pollution
15. Effects of Pollution
16. Adaptations
17. Colouration
18. Mimicry
19. Variation
20. Speciation
21. Ecological Communities
22. The Ecological Succession
23. Ecological Succession
24. Biogeography
25. The Biosphere
26. Wildlife and Endangered Species
27. National Parks
28. Biodiversity
29. Waste Management
30. Human Impact on World Ecosystems


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