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Banking Law and Operations (Sem IV, Bengaluru City Univ)


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Indian banking system is passing through recession due to Covid-19. Customers are posing problems regarding repayment of loans. The asset quality of banks is deteriorating. NPAs have mounted. Customers are approaching their banks to restructure their debts. Covid-19 period is an unforgettable era in Indian banking industry. It takes time to set right the disrupted banking system.

In this changed and disrupted scenario of Indian banking system, this title “Banking Law and Operations” provides a glimpse of various operational procedures of banks, which can facilitate the bankers to effectively implement policies to bring bank the banking system to normally.

Topics such as Banker and customer relationship, collecting banker, paying banker, lending operations, Banking Innovations are covered in this title, which satisfy the syllabus content of BBA 4th Semester of Bangalore City University. Study questions are given at the end of each chapter. Skill development exercises are provided at the end.


Contents –

Module I : Introduction
1. Negotiable Instruments Act – 1881 (Summary)
2. Banker and Customer Relationship – I (General Relationship)
3. Banker and Customer Relationship – II (Special Relationship)
4. Customers and Account Holders
Module II : Collecting Banker
5. Collecting Banker
Module III : Paying Banker
6. Paying Banker
7. Negotiable Instruments – II (Cheque)
8. Endorsement
Module IV : Lending Operations
9. Lending Operations – I
10. Lending Banker – II (Methods of Creation of Charges)
11. Lending Banker – III (Secured Advances)
12. Lending Banker – IV (Unsecured Creditors/ Non-fund Based Credit Facility)
13. Lending Banker – V (Other Advances)
14. Non-performing Assets (NPAs)
Module V : Banking Innovations
15. Banking Innovations
Skill Development


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