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Banking Operations and Innovation (Bengaluru Univ)


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It gives us a very great pleasure indeed to express the fact that the vibrant Bengaluru Cnetral University has recasted, revitalized and restructured the syllabus for B.Com and BBA students and keeping in view the changing trends and circumstances in all sectors of the economy including the banking sector, the syllabus has been carved out by experts, industrialists and financial luminaries. The syllabus is rich in its content, it will go a long way in helping the students, and academia and industry to design and understand what are the new concepts that are in force under the changed circumstances.

The Present book is an attempt, sincere and honest attempt to incorporate all the new concepts, insights and to use utilitarian concepts for the benifit of the students community, teaching community, academia and industry at large.

The Book, “Banking Operations and Innovation” provides a comprehensive coverage of concepts and explanations related to banking operations and recent innovations. The book is current with the developments in the banking industry and with updated data so that students can read the updated changes.The book is structured five chapters so that students can chew and digest while they take small bites of learning. Since indian banking industry has distinct players it covers the topics like overview to Indian Banking System, Banker and customer relationship, Collecting and Paying Banker, Leading Operations and finally Banking Innovations which includes E-Banking, E-Services, E-Wallets & E-Payments such as BHIM,PAYTM,GooglePay,PhonePE and the like. This book suits the reading sentiments of anyone interested to learn about banking rules, laws, practices and operations. Considering all the aspects and also the future trends, the present book incorporates the essence, concepts and understanding the entire phenomenon that are applicable to Indian Banking operations and Innovations.


Contents –

1.Banker and Customer
2.Collecting Banker
3.Paying Banker
4.Leading Operations
5.Innovations in Banking
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Dr. K. Ramachandra,

P. Paramashivaiah,

Prof. Alla Bakash S.,

S. Nagabhushana


Himalaya pub