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Basic Food & Beverage Service: Skill and Techniques


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Hospitality industry offers several. Food and Beverage is one of the basic services, provided by the hospitality industry. Quality of food (diet), nutritional quantity, vitamin content and proper cooking methods are some of the vital elements, the management has to keep in mind, while providing food and beverage services to its customers.

In this age of globalization competition in providing food and beverage services is on increase. Many reputed MNCs have entered the arena and they are delivering better quality foods beverages services. In fact, it is a big challenge for Indian Hotel Industry, to cope with the transforming global environment. At present except in star category hotels and premium restaurants food services are not comparable to the global standards. In this consumer age, consumers are well aware of all aspects and very cautious about what they are getting. Better service is the one of the basic requirement of the customers.

This book is timely, authoritative, and practical in all its aspects. It is an incomparable guide for the students and trainees who aim to be “different” and for restaurateurs to keep customers and patrons coming back. When it comes to customers’ satisfaction, good food served in a timely and attractive manner is only a part of the story. The book takes the readers beyond those basics to offer a comprehensive guide to important skills and techniques and amenities that customers feel comfortable and turn a meal in a restaurant a memorable event and experience.

This incomparable book enlists all basic guidelines that must feature and be reflected in a food and beverage establishment. In very easy and simple language the book provides step-by-step guidance on extraordinary table and guest service- from meeting, greeting, and seating order taking serving and handling of check to settlement of bill, taking reservations, and handling customers’ complaints. It is comprehensive guide to help in buying storing, displaying, preparing and serving beverages and many more.

This book is a comprehensive training guide to modern food and beverage service. It explains the technical and inter-personal skill required in all types of establishment from sandwich bars to formal dining rooms. Throughout the book the emphasis is placed on the important of all aspects of good service, product knowledge, and communication, personal organization and technical skills.

The book takes a practical approach to service training. It discusses different type of service, including French, American, English, Russian, family-style, banquet, and more. With clear, step-by-step instructions, it successfully demonstrates the technical skills associated with various food and beverage service. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to greet and seat guests, take orders, answer question, serve food, time a meal, and handle the check. It also feature a chapter devoted exclusively to wine and bar service techniques. It also includes helpful guidelines on safety, sanitation, risk management, and emergency procedures. It shows guidelines on safety, sanitation, risk management, and emergency procedures. It shows restaurant professionals, students and trainees the proper ways to :

– Greet the guests
– Seat guests
– Take orders
– Answer questions
– Time the food and beverages (meal)
– Serve food and beverages
– Present the checks and
– Accept the payments
– Respond to emergency situations
– Use the computer system to support service
– Servig of alcoholic beverages

The book is very helpful to the restaurant managers and their staffs for quickly up and running with the essentials of providing excellent sevice and enhancing the dining experience. No matter how superb the cuisine or attractive the decor, nothing alienates customers quicker than poor service. That is why service is one of the mojor assessment criteria found in virtually every popular book to food and beveragers service.

Contents :

1. Food and Beverage Service : Mise En Place
2. Food and Beverage Service Techniques
3. Service of Breakfast and Afternoon Tea
4. Display Cooking or Guerudon Service
5. Functions Benquetes Conferences : Conventions and Exhibitions


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