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Biodiversity Conservation, Research and Management


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India is an identified megadiverse country, rich in biodiversity and associated traditional knowledge. The country has a tradition of conservation and sustainable use of its biodiversity, which has now come under pressure on account of various factors including development imperatives, habitat fragmentation and invasion of invasive alien species. Global scientific analysis on current trends of biodiversity loss are projected to either remain constant or to increase in the near future. This global concern about loss of biodiversity is sought to be addressed in the international Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), to which India is a party.

As a mega-diversity country India is harboring as much as 7.8% of the total species of the world within a landmass of about 2.4% in comparison to global landmass. The diverse goups of ecosystems within such a land mass played a vital role in India’s economy by virtue of their potentiality in biological and non-biological resources. Nearly about 70% of the country’s population inhabiting in remote areas completely dependent on such resources in their day-to-day life to maintain their livelihood. Therefore, proper attention will be made to restore and conserve the biologically rich areas for their future sustainability and usability.

This book is an outcome of detailed studies carried out by dedicated scientists and researchers working in the field of fauna and flora of India. It contains a collection of 21 research and review articles and each article is the outcome of efforts resources in different parts made by experts or professionals in their field. As a whole book offers novel information on biotic communalities of India along with their future conservations needs. The theme of research papers included in this book emphasizing both the faunal and floral recources with respect to of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of various parts of India and their livelihood linkage to local inhabitants in one hand and conservation of natural resources for future sustainability and utilization on other hand.


Contents –

Terrestrial Biodiversity
1. Ecology of Golden Langur (Trachypithecus geel) : A Critical Review – R. Das, H. Singha and H.K. Sahu
2. Status of Bears and their Conservation in North-east India – J. Sethy, N.P.S. Chauhan and H.K. Sahu
3. Effect of Human Activities on Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus Gallus) Abundance in Reserve Forest Area of Pench Tiger Reserve, Central India – S.K. Das
4. Asian Elephant in Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha – S.R. Mishra, H.K. Bisht and D. Nandi
5. Diversity of Birds and Macro Invertebrates in Jakhau Crick System of Gulf of Kachchh, Gujrat – P. Rohit and D. Nishith
6. Determination of Faunal Diversity in Jamkani Reserve Forest, Sundargarh, Odisha, and the Impact of Mining on it – S. Gouda, S. Begum, K. Pramanik, J. Sethy and H.K. Sahu
7. Variation of Antioxidant Enzymes (Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase) Activity in Eudrilus Eugeniae in Different Season – R.K. Mukherjee and P. Parida
8. Habitat Utilization of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata: Insecta) in Gaurang Eco-park-cum-Cultural Complex, Kokrajhar, Assam, India – K. Choudhury, M. daimary and R. Khakhiary
9. Screening of Bioethanol Tolerance and Production Capacity of Yeast Strains Isolated from Different Soil Conditions of Odisha – H. Thatoi, P.K. Dash, T.K. Panda and M.R. Swain
Wetland Biodiversity
10. Impacts of the Octobe 2013 Phailin on sea Turtle Nesting Habitats, Rushikulya Rookery, Ganjam Coast, Odisha – S.K. Behera, R. Mohanta, C.S. Kar and S.S. Mishra
11. Diversity and Biomass of Macrophytes in Padmotola Wetlant, Balasore, Odisha – R.K. Mishra, H.K. Sahu and R.C. Misra
12. Mangroves of Odisha Coast: An Ecological Perspective – R.C. Misra and R.K. Mishra
13. Challenges and Opportunities to Conserve the Brachyuran Crab Diversity in Sunderbans’ Biosphere Reserve – G. Arunachalam
14. Erosion and Predation: Its Impact on the Natural Induced Sporadic Nest Loss of Olive Ridley Turties (Lepidochelys Olivacea) and their Biodiversity Conservation Implications at Gahirmatha Rookery, Odisha Coast, India – S.K. Behera, B. Tripathy and B.c. Choudhury
15. Studies on Ecological Degradation due to anthropogenic Disturbances and its Effect on Changing Socio-economic Status of River Side Fishermen Community of River Churni, West Bengal – A.K. Panigrah and A. Bakshi
Reivew Papers
16. Conservation and Management of Bio-resources of Similipal – S.D. Rout
17. Decline of Amphibian Populations Worldwide: An Alarming Situation – P.G.S. Sethy
18. Forest and Biodiversity – Balasubramanian, C.N. Hari Prasath, S. Radhakrishnan and P. Durairasu
19. Human-Wildlife Conflict: Issues and Managements – P.C. Mardaraj and J. Sethy
20. Human-Sloth Bear Conflicts: A Conservation Challenge for Coexistence – H.S. Palei and H.K. Sahu
21. Ecology of Anuran Tadpoles – S. Mahapatra, J. Rout and G. Sahoo


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