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Biostatistics for Health and Life Sciences


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The book is exclusively designed as a Text Book for the Health and Life Sciences students offering courses in Statistics both at the UG and PG level. While drafting the book, care has been taken to include important topics covering the syllabus taught in several Indian Universities and other Institute of Higher Learning. The book provides an open access, particularly to non-mathematics students with clear explanation of fundamental methods is Statistics. Effort were made to minimize the complexity of mathematical methods by providing more Verbal and contextual explanation, so that the book is altogether reader-friendly. The unique feature of the book is the principle, concepts, explanation and all numerical examples dealt with exclusive and appropriate health and life sciences situations, so that readers can well understand and appreciate. The text book is intended for the Graduate / Postgraduate / Research Students of Pharmaceutical Science, Medical Science. Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Biology and Zoology.


Book Content of Biostatistics for Health and Life Sciences
1. Statistics and Biostatics
2. Statistical Survey
3. Measures of Central Tendency
4. Partition Values
5. Measures of Dispersion
6. Skewness, Kurtosis and Moments
7. Curve Fitting
8. Analysis of Correlation
9. Regression Analysis
10. Multiple Regression Analysis
11. Regression Analysis-Dummy Variables
12. Probability
13. Random Variables and Distribution Functions
14. Theoretical Distribution
15. Hypothesis Testing-I (Large Sample Teste)
16. Hypothesis Testing-II (Tests Based on t and F Distribution)
17. Non-Parametric Tests
18. Analysis of Variance
19. Design of Experiments
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