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Biotechnology for CSIR-NET, SET, GATE


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Biotechnology is one of the most interesting domain of science. This includes use of biological tools for human welfare. Actually biotechnology is the combination of different aspects of life science like Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Genetic engineering, Immunology etc. As this area is too broad, the carrier scope in this field is also vary broad. A biotechnologist can work in different areas like medical science, pharmacy field, research and academics. For the development of this field Department of Biotechnology (DBT) is launching so many broad projects.

To get a bright carrier and to achieve a good position in this field student have to face competitive examinations like CSIR- NET, SET, GATE, JNU, AIIMS, JAM, ICAR, ICMA etc. All thesr exams are basically objective type and basic concepts of life science subjects as mentioned above. This book includes the basic concepts of all the important topics of biotechnology entrance and for Phd entrance. Also this book contains miscellaneous questions collection for student practice or for revision of basic concepts. This book is helpful for the student of different stream of life science who wants to qualify JNU, CSIR NET or other competitive examination. This book is also helpful for those students who wants a brief notes on different topics of biotechnology for preparation of university examination.

Key Features of the Book
1. This book is perfect for all competitive examinations in the field of Life Science and Biotechnology.
2. Have brief explanation for all important topics of Biotechnology.
3. Having collection of more than 4000 MCQs.
4. Includes all metabolic pathway and their easy presentation.
5. Sample papers of competitive examinations.
6. Many miscellaneous multiple choice questions with answers.


Contents –

Module – 1 (Biochemistry)
1. Introduction to Biomolecules
2. Proteins and Amino Acids
3. Nucleic Acid (Genetic Material)
4. Enzyme and Basic Aspects of Enzymology
5. Vitamines
Module – 2 (Molecular Biology)
6. Replication of DNA
7. Transcription
8. Recombination and Repair
9. Genetic Codon and Translation
Module – 3 (Cell Biology)
10. Introduction to the Cell and Cell Organelles
11. Cell Division and Cell Cycle
12. Cell Signaling
13. Cancer
Module – 4 (Microbiology)
14. Microscopy
15. Virus
16. Gene Transfer in Prokaryotes
17. Diseases
Module – 5 (Immunology)
18. Innate and Adaptive Immunity
19. Antigen and Antibody
20. Immune Reaction
21. Complement System
22. Hypersensitivity
23. Vaccines
Module – 6 (Genetics)
24. Chromosome Structure
25. Mutation
26. Mendelian Genetics
27. Sex Determination and Pedigree Analysis
Module – 7
28. Basic Concepts of Genetic Engineering
29. Overview of Different Metabolic Pathway
30. Miscellaneous Questions
31. Competitive Exam Papers
32. University Paper December 2016


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