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Business Communication and Management Information System


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This book provides many exercises to enable the students to prepare for examinations and for a career. The presentation of the theoretical information and the practice work have been evolved from classroom experience and from feedback given by teachers, students and other users of our books.
Developments in business, in communication technology, and the wider reach of Indian business have been taken into account. The theoretical and conceptual information, and the exercises provided, will be useful to teachers in framing new exercises relevant to their student`s needs.

Book Content of Business Communication and Management Information System
Module 1

  1. Basic Elements of Communication
  2. Types of Communication
  3. Channels of Communication
  4. Barriers of Communication
  5. Principles of Effective Communication
    Module 2
  6. Job Application
  7. Employment Letters
  8. Soft Skills
    Module 3
  9. Business Letter Layout
  10. Enquire and Replies
  11. Orders and Replies
  12. Grievances and Redressals
  13. Sales Letters
  14. Circulars
  15. Status Inquiries
  16. Collection Letters
    Module 4
  17. Impact of IT on Communication
    Module 5
  18. Management Information System

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Dr. P. Mohan,

S.M. Rai,

Urmila Rai


Himalaya pub