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Business Economics (Macro)


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This book is intended to serve as a comprehensive textbook on Business Economic (Macro) for the Second Year BBA degree course of Savitribai Phule Pune University (formerly Pune University) under the revised curriculum effective from june 2014. Its main Objective are –
1. To introduce basic macroeconomics concepts to the students
2. To study the application of macroeconomics in Policy making
3. TO understand the policy issues for the new century.

The new century has witnessed spectacular changes in the living standards of most of the world. People are asking whether the 21st century can repeat the success of the last century. Will the affluence of few developed countries spread to the many in poor countries? Answers to these questions countries spread to the many in poor countries? Answers to these questions depend mainly on the economic success of the countries – in sectors such as education, investment, foreign trade, etc. It is integral part of the students in their career at academic as well as professional level.

– It is written for students with simplicity and lucidity of exposition of complexities of the subject matter of topics included in the revised syllabus, simultaneously maintaining the standard of the textbook as well as the desired level of discussion.
– In writing the book, special care has been taken to avoid gaps in the sequential arrangement of topics in the syllabus.
– Topics covered are discussed as far as possible in a fairly self-contained manner.
– Model question are provided to facilitate a systematic study of the subject.
– It contains a lucid and synthesized review of the subject matter from existing relevant literature so that the reader is spared of searching them in scattered places.


Contents :

1. Introduction
2. National Income Accounting
3. Theory of Income and Employment
4. Business Cycle, Inflation and Deflation

5. Macro Economic Policies


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Dr. D.M. Mithani,

Mrs. Anjali Sane


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