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Business Environment and Society (Odisha Univ)


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Business Environment and Society is an essential subject to be studied and understood by both UG and PG students in Commerce and Management courses. For quite some time this subject was taught as a routine on Political, Economic, Social, Natural, Technological and Global Factors. Idea was to expose students to the favorable and unfavorable factors. However, since last two decades various developments in the world have taught us that, this subject has more relevance and importance than ever before.

In the recent past there have been various natural and man made disasters causing anxiety and worry to business corporate. There is widespread ethnic, regional and religious struggles, riots, terrorism and movement of refugees and labor force. Many countries have been divided for separate identity. Global warming and terrorism have become serious threats not only for business but for normal living conditions. World leaders are seriously thinking and working to overcome such obstacles.

In this background it is essential that the young students get exposed to the prevailing environment to be mentally prepared to take better care of themselves and their work. Andhra Pradesh University has made a good design of the syllabus to focus on current topics to educate the students. This is a very vast subject and it is not possible to cover all the topics in one paper and for B.Com/BBM students alone. The subject can be covered at different levels in UG and PG curriculum.


Contents –

1. Concept of Business Environment
2. Environmental Issues and Controlling Measures
3. Contemporary Social Issues
4. Corporate Social Responsibility
5. Case Studies


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Dr. Ravindranath Badi,

Prof. S.R. Mohapatra,

Sai Rashmi Patra


Himalaya pub