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Business Environment For Strategic Management


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Business Environment For Strategic Management is a humble attempt at delineating and explaining all segments of environment of business and how they will be integrated into strategic management of a firm. The books is divided into seven sections. Section 1 deals with global environment; Section 2 covers technological environment; Section 3 explains political environment; Section 4 elaborates on economic environment; Section 5 elucidates social-cultural environment; and Section 6 discusses natural environment. The last Section presents integration of all the environment segment into strategic management. The book has been enriched with cases drawn from contemporary business. It also contains many anecdotes which have been boxed at appropriate places.


Book Content of Business Environment For Strategic Management
1. Nature and Scope of Business Environment
2. Environment Analysis-An Input in Strategic Management
Section 1
3. The Meaning and Rationale for Globalisation
4. Strategies For Going Global
5. From Domestic Markets to Global Markets
6. India, WTO and The Trading Blocks
Section 2
7. Technological Environment
Section 3
8. Political Institutions
9. The Constitution of India
10. Nature and Extant of State Regulation
11. End of Government in Business
Section 4
12. Economic Environment
13. Industrial Policy
14. Industrial Licensing
15. The Monopolies And Restrictive Trade Practices Acct, 1969
16. The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973
17. The Companies Act,1956
18. Control of Foreign Trade
19. Public Sector Enterprises

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