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Business Ethics and Indian Value System


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This book Business Ethics and Indian Value System is an attempt to outline the ethical and its utility in the modern industrial world.

The book `Business Ethics and Indian Value System`, designed specialty for management students, is an attempt to respond to a long standing need for a text book written preliminary from the perspective of third world country and particularly in the Indian Context. It would help the students looking for foundation course on value education, ethical ideas and their relevance in business. The book is self exploratory in nature and the relevant matters are dealt with suitable examples and case studies. Managers as well as future managers would find this book useful as it helps in preparing them to meet the challenges faced by organizations. The book would also fascinate the book lovers and versatile readers with interest in economy, history, philosophy and ethics.

 Contents :

Chapter I : Renaissance & Emergence of Modern World
Chapter II : Western Ethical Theories, Approaches and its Contribution in Management
Chapter III : Role of Indian Ethics in Management
Chapter IV : Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Governance
Chapter V : Ethical Managerial Practices
Chapter VI : Stress
Chapter VII : Globalization and its Impact
Chapter VIII : Indian Social System – AS a Source of Ethics
Chapter IX : Modern Social Institutions in India
Chapter X : Overview of Cross – Cultural Management
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Dr. Anand Singh


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