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Ethical values are now a days not looked upon, any more as costs imposed in industry or a check on efficency & profit; but are considered imperatives for corporate success. The narrow identification of rationality with maximisation of selfinterest is now being seriously critiqued. Recent corporate failures and scandals involving misgoverance and unethical behaviour one the part of corporates rocked the corporate sector, shaken the investors confidence and caused regulators and public to question the assumption that most companies do the right thing most of the time. These incidences diminished reputation and goodwill of corporates and thus highlighting the importance of ethical business practices for good corporate goverance.

The book discussed basic principles of business ethics and that are vital and ethical issues confronted by managers routinely in business, and vital to resolve moral issues in business, understanding business Ethics provide employees managers a level of ethical understanding to make appropriate decisions. Due to increased importance of Ethics in business it is included in syllabus of various universities.

All persons who work in organisations will benefit from learning Business Ethics, they include students in colleges and universities, aspiring managers, those who already have managerial skills and want to become more effective. This book will be useful to students of M.B.A., B.B.A., B.B.M. and M.Com of various Universities.


Contents –

1. Introduction to Business Ethics
2. Ethical Decision Making and Role of CEO
3. Ethical Issues in Society
4. Human Resource Management Ethics
5. Marketing Ethics
6. Environmental Ethics
7. Indian Ethos for Management
8. Social Responsibility of Business
9. Social Accounting and Social Audit


Year of publication







304 (In Grams)



D. Senthil Kumar,

Dr. A. Senthil Rajan


Himalaya pub