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Case Studies in Management : An Indian Perspective


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The aim of this compilation of various case studies is to get an insight of the real life business that prevails in our dynamic society. These cases study focus and enshrine in them various aspects of the practical business world.

It has been traced out in many cases that there may be an assumption in the mind of an average consumer that the Indian business scenario is absolutely different with the foreign business scenario. If a particular business is a tycoon in a particular country, then it is not necessary that it will flourish in Indian markets as well. It may not even be able to cover up its establishment costs. There have been many small sellers or trades who started from zero but gradually they have turned into giants and big entrepreneurs in their area.

The case study also help to understand the various marketing and business strategies which have been adopted by various business tycoons so that they can make a better position in the market and are able to survive in adverse and dynamic conditions. Moreover it has tried to carve out possible solution to various question which it had come across.

The various case studies have confronted a similar striking and peculiar observation that there is a wide difference between the academics the business industry. What is been penned in the textbooks and literature on business situations Hence these case studies have tried to bridge the gap between the academia and business industry.

The case study on Medical Institute has been carved out to understand that knowledge of the profession can help to reach Mt. Everest. The journey from a small clinic to a super-specialty infertility centre has been several ups and down and today it has established as No. 1 infertility center in Gujarat. Its core-competence being the continuous updates in technology and knowledge in the filed of infertility as well as their Zero marketing strategy have been handful in reaching this position. The case study also enumerates how it has been able to arrange for finance at the different stages of its life.

Another case study has been conducted on the famous Induben Khakhrawala’s which depicts the true core competence. The case study shows how Induben has began from small household seller and later turned into a full-fledged khakra business. Their marketing strategies have been greatest customer satisfaction; maintaining high standards quality, best tastes and bringing variety of flavors despite encountering gender, financial distress and inefficient labour force. It has also pointed out on the issue of trademark with respect to its usage and its has been able to manage its profits with the changing preferences of its consumers.

Yet another case study, “Insurance as Paradigm of Benefit” emphasizes on the important of consumer awareness in today’s world. A consumer must always act vigilance. He must analyze and verify the problem himself instead of simply relying on the goods or the service provider. Moreover this case study also sates the important of reading and understanding one’s insurance policy Reading the insurance policy help one to verify whether the policy meets his or her needs and that one also understands his and the insurance company’s responsibilities if a loss occurs. Many insureds purchase a policy without understanding what is covered therein.


Contents :

1. Pizza Joints: A New Avenue to Earn Bhavya Singhal
2. Employee Relations: A Critical Approach
Yash Shah, Priance Prateek Rai, Pranay Shah & Vishvesh Kasat
3. Honest: Good Food Cooked with Love and Simplicity
Ekagra Jain, Sarvesh Maloo, Vaibhav Goyal & Kapur
4. Induben Khakhrawala: “Story of Rags to Riches” How to Make it Big in Business World
Sukriti Bhargava, Astha Agarwal, Vibhuti Khetan Saransh Kothari & Parth Mishra’
5. Insurance as a “Paradigm” for Benefit
Mradul Singh & Gaurav Parihar
6. Navneet Education Ltd.: A Persistent Groeth in Stationary Sector
Nehpal Singh, Dikshal Khatri, Purohit, Prabudh Vidyarthi & Rakesh Soni
7. Role of a Manager in the Growth of the Companies: A Success Story
Apeksha Tiwari, Shilpa Tyagi, Meghna Mishra, Munmun Sharma, Ishita Rawat
8. From A Larry To A Brand: Shambhu’s Café
Sonal Goel, Rashi Bharadwaj, Prachi Jain, Preeti Sharma & Priyanka Bissa
9. Shiva Café: ‘20 Years in the Making’
Ipshita Mukherji, Girish Makhijani, Rupam Bansal, Kanishk Agarwa & Prateek Mishra
10. The Grand Bhagwati Hotel: Growth Through Customer Feedback
Anshuman Swamy, Prashant Sharma, Ankit Jethwani, Sumit Parihar & Tejus Dixit
11. TMT Vinayak: Problems of A New Entrant
Rahul Sinha, Varsha, Yash & Aarohi Ojha
12. Virtual Gaming: A Pathway to Rehabilitation
Bhavyaraj Gohil, Dharmik Barot, Pruthvi Dhinoja, Samarth Amin & Himadri Soni
13. Journey from Square One to Udyog Patra
Anshul Vyas
14. Innovations with Sustainability: A Case Study of Talwalkars
Shivram Samota, Bharat Poonia, Deepk Tiwari, Vani Madav & Shashwat Anand
15. Amul – “The Creators of Milk Revolution”
Aditya Mahadevia, Naman Kinkhabwala, Nisarg Shah, Akash Srivastava & Akshit Jain
16. An Exceptional Eatery: A Case Study of Satkar Café
Naishadh Pandya, Apoorva Sharma, Astha Pareek, Bhaskar Sharma & Daminee Sharma
17. Birthing the World: A Case Study on the Medical Institute
Amrita Joshi, Avani Dalal, Shweta Gupta, Saumya Gupta & Neha Jain
18. Tamsa Maa Jyotirgamay: A Case Study on Mad
Jharna Sahijwani, Aishwarya Singh Arzoo Virmani, Keshav Verma & Yukit Vyas
19. Case Study on Sarthav Infrastructure
Nupur Shah, Chellisha Bhavnagri & Aditya Sinh Parmar
20. Enterpreneurial Problems: A Case Study of JARUN Pharmaceuticals
Darshil Parikh, Harshraj Vaghela, Natasha Vashishth & Shaili Shah
21. Fighting the Odds – Arvind Mill’s Way
Nitin Gokiani, Mayank Dwivedi, Anurag Daga, Pranay Nagori & Abhijeet Dubey
22. Classic Vadakkam: Expanding the Taste of Souhthern India
Aditya Bohra, Ms Sanju Choudhary, Nishita Golchha, Umang Ghildyal & Vageesha Daga
23. Sun Point Novelties: The Quest to Success
Lekha Mehta, Nandini Bhown, Sweta Lakhani, Vartika Mehra & Fatema Khorakiwala
24. Brewberrys Café – A Place for Common Man
Tanuj Chandra, Naveen Singh Gurjar, Yuvraj Nain & Dhruv Raj Singhai


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