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Changing Status of Jewish Women in Israel 1948-2000


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Women, in all societies, constitute the major part of social fabric and as such directly or indirectly influence the matrix of the society they live in. In turn their status in the society too remains changing and developing. West Asia has experienced a pronounced shift in this concern. The present book is about the changing status of Jewish women in Israeli society from 1948-2000. The title of the book is also the same. I have chosen this period because 1948 was the year when the Israeli state was established. After its establishment, the state has adopted several laws to enhance the economic, political and social status of women in Israel.

In order to do full justice to one aspect of the issue as also to a section of the society, the book has evaluated the status of Jewish women only, though, Arab, Druze and Christian women are also part of Israeli social fabric. The book has used the laws as yardsticks adopted by the state to enhance the status of Jewish women.

The book would be beneficial for all those scholars and students of women studies who want to do comparative study about women in India and Israel. It would also inform them how Jewish women are different from women of other West Asian Countries.

The book has tried to fill the knowledge gap that exists in India about Israeli women. I tried my best to get accurate facts about the Jewish women in Israeli state. The source of data is primary (United Nations, World Bank, Government) and NGO’s reports. The source of secondary data is books, Articles and Internet resources.


Contents –

1. Introduction
2. Economic Status of Jewish Women
3. Political Status of Jewish Women
4. Social Status of Jewish Women
5. Conclusion


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