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Child and Human Rights

Children are budding flowers who need constant love, care and attention to become healthy, efficient and able citizen in the society. Recognising the importance of children as vital human resources, the Constitution of India. Directive Principles of State Policy and the National Policy for Children have addressed the need for ensuring holistic development of the child based on the principles of the Child Rights Convention.

But who will empower the parents, educators and children about child right? The goal of this book, “Child and Human Rights” is to empower all stakeholders in education about Convention Child Rights and activities to impart child rights education so that a new culture of respect towards children can emerge.

Book Content of Child And Human Rights
  1. Childhood
  2. History of Child Rights
  3. The un Convention on Child Rights
  4. Child Abuse
  5. Child Welfare Activities in India
  6. Milestones in Child Rights-National
  7. Education For Child Rights-Methods and Techniques
  8. Education For Child-Activities
  9. Child Rights Based Approach
  10. Child Survival
  11. Child Participation-Key TO Effective Democracy
  12. Child Protection
  13. The Integration Child Protection Scheme
  14. Child Friendly SchoolsBibliography




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236 (In Grams)



Usha Ajithkumar


Himalaya pub