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College Botany Volume IV


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College Botany Vol IV has been completely revised and updated. It includes the latest revisions in the Botany Final Year B.Sc. Syllabus of Bangalore University. One special feature in the addition of practical exercises in a separate section.

The book is divided into Five Parts – Part One – Plant Water Relations and Transport; Part two – Energy Metabolism; Part Three – Molecular Biology; Part – Growth and Development and Part – Five – Practical Manual. The theory portion dealt with in the first four parts has 23 chapter and practical manual consists of Experiments in Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology.


Contents –

Part One Water Relations and Transport
1. Introduction
2. Permeability And Movement of Substances
3. Absorption of Water
4. Ascent of Sap
5. Transpiration
6. Mineral salt Absorption
7. Mineral Nutrition
8. Translocation of Organic Solutes
Part Two Energy Metabolism
9. Photosynthesis
10. Photorespiration
11. Respiration
12. Nitrogen Metabolism
13. Enzymes
Part Three Molecular Biology
14. Chemical Basis of Heredity
15. Replication of Genetic material
16. Genetic Code And Protein Synthesis
17. Genetic Regulation
18. Genetic Engineering
Part Four Growth And development
19. Growth
20. Growth Hormones
21. Plant Movements
22. Physiology Of Flowering
23. Dormancy
Part Five Practical Manual
24. Plant Physiology


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